General Info
How does 'matching' work?

Coaches and coachees create a profile and bio when joining the platform. An algorithm presents a selection of the most suitable 'matches'. These can be reviewed before selecting who you would like to connect with.

What are the costs to access the platform as a coachee?

Access is free of charge for our charity partners. Contact us to discuss costs for other clients. As a guide it is about 20% of the average cost of coaching in the UK.

As a coach, how many coachees can I work with through the platform?

When you register on the platform you can select to make yourself available for between 1 and 4 coachees. Each coachee assignment consists of 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions, delivered at intervals as agreed between you.

How long has The Growing Coaches existed?

The Growing Coaches website and platform launched in Pilot mode in April 2020. During its first 6 months, the platform matched over 100 coaches & coachees.

Where do the coaches come from and what is their background?

Coaches on the platform come from university accredited coach training programmes such as Henley Business School, Barefoot Coaching, University of East London and Oxford Brookes University. Coaches tend to have an average of 25 years career experience, have (or are) operating in senior leadership roles and have some coaching experience prior to joining the course.

What happens if I connect with a coach and we don't get on?

The next step after choosing a coach to connect with (and your connection request being accepted) is to have an intro call to get to know each other, discuss the focus for the coaching and make sure you are a good 'fit' to work together. If at this stage you decide not to progress you can simply select a different coach to connect with. Also, although it is very unlikely, if you have up to 2 coaching sessions and feel it isn't working for you, you can break the connection and choose a different coach to start a new 6 session assignment with, at no additional cost. It's worth remembering that key breakthroughs and changes can take a few sessions so don't jump too early unless you feel the relationship just isn't right.

Will coaches contract with a coachee's sponsor?

Yes. It is the coachee's responsibility to share their sponsors details with the coach in advance of starting the coaching assignment. This way the coach can communicate with the coachee's sponsor and set up the contract in the right way.

Do coaches have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes. It is a condition of registering on the platform that all coaches have professional indemnity insurance.

How do I contract with the coachee?

There is a template on the platform under the 'info' section which you should use as the basis of your contract with each coachee and, where relevant, with their sponsor.

How do I obtain access to the platform?

Contact us and we will send you the link and details of how to register. You need to be currently (or recently) registered on a university accredited coach training programme.

I'm currently on a ICF/EMCC/AC accredited coach training programme, can I join the platform?

If it is university accredited - yes. If it isn't we may be able to offer this in the future as we develop out the proposition for The Growing Coaches.