Inspiring positive change

At The Growing Coaches we create connections: connections that create conversations, inspire positive change and ultimately change lives.

How we inspire positive change

We match and connect clients with experienced leaders who are in the process of obtaining university accredited coaching qualifications.

This removes the complexity for coaches to find clients whilst at the same time removing the cost barrier for clients who would benefit from coaching.

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Experienced professionals

Coaches on our platform tend to be senior leaders with an average of 25 years career experience.

Accredited programmes

They are undertaking postgraduate level coaching qualifications to enhance their existing coaching skills.

9 hours of coaching

Join the platform and experience 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions, including sponsor engagement where relevant.

We are passionate about the power of coaching

At The Growing Coaches we love the magic of positive change and we believe that by creating high quality connections we can play an important part in inspiring personal growth and development.

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What some of our clients and coaches say

“The Growing Coaches platform is a really creative solution that delivers a true “win win” to coaches, clients and the coachee. The platform is simple to navigate and, most importantly, the insight from our leaders working with “growing coaches” is  that the quality of coaching is exceptional.  As a Chief People Officer access to high quality Exec coaching at a competitive rate, whilst also supporting coaches through their accredited training, is a great solution.” 

Shaun Conning
Chief People Officer, DAZN

"Working with The Growing Coaches was convenient, challenging & just the push I needed. During the coaching I created my personal definition of success whilst addressing key questions & challenges on my career path, focusing on where my passions lie and what motivates me. I can highly recommend The Growing Coaches."

Katharina Sutch
Director, Shopper & OmniChannel Activation, Lego Group

“I had a fantastic experience working with The Growing Coaches platform. I quickly and easily found an excellent coach who had relevant business experience and really grasped what we were trying to do as a business. He helped me think more deeply about what my personal definition of success was and the steps I needed to take to get there. I would highly recommend The Growing Coaches platform for anyone looking to take their business or career to the next level.”

Carrie Swift
Managing Director, Love Public Speaking

“My experience with The Growing Coaches was excellent. The matching process worked really well and my coach was a good fit. We focused on building my self-confidence in the early sessions, then looked at how I can develop my leadership style and better identify my strengths. My coach was great at structuring the sessions, asking incisive questions, and really pushing me to challenge my own thinking. The learning I took from the sessions continues to shape my thinking and my approach at work. “

Andy Leverton
Head of Business Planning and Improvement, Social Work England

"I would definitely recommend The Growing Coaches platform, in fact I have recommended it to my team! I was matched with a brilliant coach who has really helped me to reach my goals and grow in confidence and focus in my work. It was really helpful being able to see how our interests and experiences aligned before meeting a coach, and it was useful to clarify exactly what I wanted to get out of it before we started. Thank you!"

Helen Undy
Chief Executive,

“I can not recommend The Growing Coaches enough. From the simple on line matching tool to find the perfect coach to each of the one to one sessions I found the experience well facilitated and from a personal perspective hugely enlightening and valuable. The standard of coaching was second to none and has helped me understand who and what I truly value. I look forward to my future life adventures with greater clarity to my purpose and the tools to deliver it.“

Matthew Frost
Group CEO

“I warmly recommend the Growing Coaches platform to all aspiring coaches who are looking to gain experience and grow as coaches. The Platform gave me easy access to clients without the hassle of having to spend time searching, which freed me up to do what I do best: Coaching. Through the matching process, I have been able to support amazing people across different countries, sectors and industries. It’s given me the opportunity to transfer state of the art coaching techniques from the Business School into practice and to gain hours needed for further accreditation. It’s a simple and a brilliant concept: matching coaches and clients in a win-win relationship.”

Christiana Sow
Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, Henley Business School

"I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with four coachees across topics such as leadership development, career progression and confidence building.  As a relatively new coach at the time, I have learned a lot from coaching in a professional environment and particularly benefited from the new experience of managing the 3 way relationship between coach, coachee and sponsor." 

Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching, Henley Business School

"The Growing Coaches is fantastic! It has provided the opportunity for me to develop as a coach by connecting me easily with coachees, but it is so much more than that. The way that the site is set out mirrors best practice for setting up a professional coaching engagement. This gives new coaches the opportunity to build skills in some of the operational elements of coaching as well as the clearly invaluable experience of the actual sessions. Every part of the process builds your skills. Even putting the bio together helped me to start articulating what kind of coach I wanted to advertise myself as. I can’t think of a better way to have built up my practice."

Caroline Eastland
MSc Coaching & Behavioural Change, Henley Business School

"Having no prior coaching experience to this I had found the platform to be very accessible for a new coachee. The matching process was seamless and it appears that the selection of coaches were of high quality and from a variety of backgrounds. My coaching experience was impactful and I continue to rely on the insights I gained today." 

Derald Goh
Actuary & Equity Research Analyst, Citi

Our clients come from a variety of organisations