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Personal growth

Experience 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions, either in-person or via video call.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a form of 1-1 personal learning and development support: a thinking partnership designed to help increase the coachee's self-awareness and move them towards new and improved ways of thinking, feeling, and they can achieve more of what they want to.

The coach acts as a trusted partner, creating a safe and confidential space for the coachee to identify and explore their goals and desired outcomes from coaching, as well as what might be holding them back from achieving these.

They then facilitate the process with a blend of different coaching tools and approaches as well as a mix of challenge and support.

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Why is coaching so powerful?

The 'aha' moments where the coachee suddenly sees or feels something new because they've discovered a fresh perspective.

The progress made by simply 'getting out of your own way' and the 'time to think' out loud in a safe and confidential space.

These are some of the magic moments which inspire positive change.

Various effectiveness studies show that coaching increases confidence and work performance in a sustainable way.

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Free coaching for our charity partners

We are delighted to have taken on the charity relationships previously managed by Henley Business School and we provide coaching assignments free of charge to these charity partners. This way we can give something back by supporting the growth and development of charity leaders, helping them to deliver increasing value in their sector.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Growing Coaches platform to offer free coaching to ACEVO members. Our members are chief executives and senior leaders in civil society and coaching provides them with much needed space and the chance to step away from the day to day."

Natalie Westerman
Membership & Marketing Manager, ACEVO

What our clients and coaches say

"I would definitely recommend The Growing Coaches platform, in fact I have recommended it to my team! I was matched with a brilliant coach who has really helped me to reach my goals and grow in confidence and focus in my work. It was really helpful being able to see how our interests and experiences aligned before meeting a coach, and it was useful to clarify exactly what I wanted to get out of it before we started. Thank you!"

Helen Undy
Chief Executive,

"Since joining The Growing Coaches 5 months ago I have now coached 3 individuals. The platform has given me the opportunity to work with clients with very differing life and work experiences and certainly different to the coachees I’ve had in the past. I’ve been able to put into practise many of the tools and techniques learned on the Henley Business School Masters programme and my confidence as a coach has grown enormously."

Melanie Lansbury
MSc Coaching & Behavioural Change, Henley Business School

"Working with The Growing Coaches has been the perfect solution – access to executive level coaches on a flexible basis, and more crucially for us a process that matches coachees to coaches based on a range of professional and personal factors. We have identified coaches for 3 of our more promising senior leaders, ensuring that we continue to support them and the results are already positive – not only do the individuals feel supported but we can see the benefit of ongoing development at executive level."

Emma Robertson
CEO at ENGINE | Transformation

"The Growing Coaches has been a great experience. I would highly recommend it to any coach in transition from training to practising professionally. I found the site extremely  easy to use with a simple format for my profile and my specific areas of coaching.  I was very quickly matched with a potential coachee and was able to review some details about her and her goals before moving on to the next stage and connecting. It has given me a great deal of confidence in my abilities as a coach and also bought to my attention how my background in business supports my work and rapport with executive clients. I have very much enjoyed working with my coachee and feel we have developed a great coaching relationship."

Jo Roberts
Postgraduate Cert. Barefoot Coaching

"The Growing Coaches platform allowed me to connect with a great coach. The matching process was smooth, the website has good features and is very easy to navigate through. It made a real difference that I could explore options and get to know the coaches background before having an initial conversation."

Astrid Lietz
VP People, DAZN

"The platform has taken away all of the time and hassle required in finding coachees myself with its simple and easy to use site, all you need to do is upload your profile and you're all set to go! I have gained precious experience within a short period of time with some high profile Execs and helped them to unravel some of the challenges they are being faced with."

Claire Blissitt
MSc Coaching & Behavioural Change, Henley Business School

"As an early user of The Growing Coaches, I was fortunate to connect with a coach who helped me to reflect, refocus and move forward with my career. I would recommend the Growing Coaches to anyone seeking expert support in finding solutions to their personal and professional challenges."

Michael Campbell
Director, Acquisition Marketing, Guardian News & Media